Saturday, February 17, 2018


A special sale celebrating Old Europe's tenth year. and all things vintage from the BIG structures to the handheld and useful, beautifully crafted many with built in scripts and ingenious SL quirkiness ALL 25L fulfill and build your fantasy cheaply with high quality goods from the Golden Oriole shoppe in Old Europe. Slurl to SALE  

Friday, January 19, 2018

The MidWinter Full Perm Fair January 19th - February 12th 2018

January 19th - February 12th 2018
The MidWinter Full Perm Fair -Top Creators-MESH-Sculpties-Textures-Templates- Features the top creators of full permissions fashions,furniture,building components-templates ALL CATEGORIES- 40 Creators will be offering their newest releases,fair exclusives and special discounts for the fair. SHOP-COMPARE-$AVE! - JOIN The Full perm group at the entrance and grab the great full perm gifts.
SLurl  to Fair

Here's some of the great full permission deals at the fair

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

*****The Fall Full Perm Fair October 1st-31st*****

October 1st - 31st - FREE Full Perm Gifts
It's OPEN NOW! Top full perm creators have everything you need for Halloween and much MORE! All Categories ALL Full Perm goodness ! Fashion-Furniture-Textures-Templates-Sounds-Poses with BIG discounts up to 50% OFF This is the fair for those wanting to start a business in SL or for owners to buy for their existing stores.JOIN The Full Perm group in SL at fair entrance and also on facebook at

Sunday, July 9, 2017

*****The Summer Full Perm Fair Now OPEN !*****

July 7th - 31st 2017
The Summer Full Perm fair. The Best Secondlife creators offering their new releases, and fair exclusives at BIG discounts. All Categories of full permission creations that can be resold will be at this popular seasonal event in it's sixth year.
Join The SL Full Perm group and get FREE Full Perm Gifts secondlife:///app/group/9b6214fe-0dec-b9b2-ab13-c95b8f398c4b/about
Join The Full Perm group on facebook latest new release, exclusives, and sales events information from Sl's top full perm creators.

The 'Hell Of A Deal' event returns 66% and MORE OFF at the special discount
fenced  section located  behind the Summer Full Perm Fair. 

The 'Hell Of A Deal' event returns 66% and MORE OFF at the special discount
fenced  section located  behind the Summer Full Perm Fair.